with Tabanero

to grow your social media presence

There is no doubt that a brand, service or movement’s future is in the digital world.

 There is so much information out there on how to take action and that makes it hard to choose where to start. We believe on sharing as much as we can that has worked for us as a retailer to support the cigar industry, lifestyle and the future of the passionate tobacconist entrepreneur.

We Have Experience

Since 2010 we have been fortunate enough to experience both sides of the industry in the same space. We are growing a brand as a boutique manufacturer with 5 to 10 rollers and most importantly listening to our retail costumer’s opinions, suggestions, reactions to changes, brand recognition and learning courses.

We have and continue to collect information on “HOW TO SUPPORT THE RETAILER”.

Our Strategy

Here we will post our brand’s original content daily for you to share on your social platforms. We post the apps, strategies, peak hours, best responses on comments and much more.

We believe each platform has its own demographic.  We try to create content for each of them or the two platforms that we believe have similar demographics.