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Full Bodied Cigars

For the Enthusiast

True cigar smokers know a full bodied cigar the minute they light it up…spicy and peppery tastes, with thick smoke give these cigars complexity. Though they're big and powerful, full bodied cigars are still refined instruments for the purposes of relaxation and enjoyment.

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We only use the best Tobacco leaves

We are truly committed to the finest principles and care in our products and for us, each cigar is an extension of our love for cigar making. 

Where's It From?

Our Tobacco comes from quite a few destinations: Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, and Columbia.

Our Supplier

Tabanero Cigars sources it’s tobacco from Tabacalera Pages, located at Estelí downtown in Nicaragua, where the best tobacco in the world is grown.

We're Picky

For Tabanero, tobacco selection is critical. Oftentimes we will open 5 or more bails containing the same tobacco leaf just to find the exact leaf we are looking for. 

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