We only use the best Tobacco leaves!

We are committed to the finest principles and care in our products and for us, each cigar is an extension of our love for cigar making. We believe it is an artistry, an artistry that we are honored to share with you.

With every Tabanero cigar you are enjoying an element of our history, our heritage and the desire we have to create those cigars right here in the United States. Take a moment to look over our selection of offerings and let us help you see why our passion for making cigars is at the heart of all we do.

Our Hand-Rolling Process

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After we pick the very best leaves, we take the tobacco back to our factory in Tampa, Florida to prepare it.

Prepare the Tobacco

We wet the wrapper and hang it inside a sealed closet for 24 hours in order for the veins to get the right humidity.

Flatten the Leaves

The tobacco is flattened and then re-hung inside for another 24 hours.

Bundle the Leaves

After 48 hours, the leaves are stripped and bundled into 40-50 leaf packs then given to our Cuban Artisans to roll into our cigars.

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